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After a summer of riding!

by R. Bruce Thomas

1 - For many years I've worn Motoport Kevlar riding overpants and jacket. I bought it for the protection the gear offers me and know it works after “road testing” it when I got t-boned. I never counted on the entertainment value.

For visibility purposes I have a yellow stripe across my shoulders and two yellow stripes on the bottom of my pant legs. Those, plus the upright riding position, seem to make many drivers believe I am in law enforcement. It was even worse before bluetooth when my buddy Norm and I installed two-way radios with the necessary antenna.

Watching traffic approach at a high rate of speed from behind provides my entertainment. When they get close, or right alongside me, the brakes get applied heavily and they fall back or sometimes pull in behind me. Seriously, have a look at my licence plate and notice I'm far from home. I've tried to come up with hand signals to indicate I am not a police officer. None of these things work. So I laugh a lot. If you're nailing the brakes that hard and that late you're getting busted already.

2 - I spent a good amount of time in southern States this summer and noticed a lot of dead skunks. You know that you don't have to see them to know they are there. It got me to wondering. How do you get that smell off your vehicle if you hit a skunk?

3 - Climate change has been on a lot of minds this summer with the extensive forest fires and the resultant smoke seeming to be constant throughout the summer. Another climate event was the first ever tropical storm watch for Southern California. Hurricane Hilary didn't end up causing as much damage as originally feared but it did force the cancellation of the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials where I was planning to meet up with AMSS President Liane Langlois to learn about people riding the salt. Hopefully next year will be drier.

4 - As the season winds down be careful out there. There have already been too many fatalities. As my buddy Don says, be careful and vigilant until you get home because, no matter how good a day it has been, it could still end up being the worst day of your life.

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