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A podcast about all things motorcycles and the voice of motorcycle safety and awareness in Alberta!  We talk about about everything from tips and myths on gear, maintenance and technique as well as education and so much more!  We always have informative, credible and knowledgeable guests on every show!  Remember to always #RideSmart, #RideSafe and #ThinkBike!

New in 2023, we added a mailbag segment!  We sometimes get questions that have a quick answer and not necessarily require a full show!  We want to make sure we get as much information out as possible to bring on all the questions!  Click here to submit your thoughts and we will do our best to answer on our mailbag or maybe even turn your ideas into a full episode!

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Think Bike is produced by Bryn Griffiths and is proudly powered by Moto Canada, Let's Ride Canada Wide!

Established in 2021



From the archives, the original series from 2014.

01 - TSA & Licensing with Cst. Dan Leach of Edmonton Police Service

02 - TSA & Cycles on a Highway with Cst. Dan Leach of Edmonton Police Service

03 - Intersections, Merging & Signalling with Cst. Dan Leach of Edmonton Police Service

04 - Rules for Traffic Lanes with Cst. Dan Leach of Edmonton Police Service

05 - Message from the Board with the AMSS Board!

06 - Equipment Regulations with Cst. Dan Leach of Edmonton Police Service

07 - Motorcycle Insurance with Klondike Insurance Agencies Ltd