Our Projects

Resource Library

In an attempt to be an information hub for all Alberta riders, we are currently building and adding to our Resources.  This page includes podcasts in both audio and video as well as links to important documents about road safety.  We connect with industry experts to debunk myths and provide the most accurate answers to common questions in our community.  We also have some great discussions about tips and tricks to keep yourself safe.  Click here to see more.  If you have a questions that you would answered, contact us!

Think Bike

Back in July of 2016 we reached out to Think Bike to request permission to use ThinkBike and yellow in our new campaign. We are of the mind of why recreate brilliance but in no way would we do so without proper due diligence and ensure credit is given where credit is due. We respectfully have never taken credit for coming up with ThinkBike but we are proud to have officially brought it to Canada in campaign format under our registered non-profit for motorcycle safety and awareness as it just fits well with our platform and mandate.

We would like to once again thank Jadd Harding and Bill Nash, both Marshalls for ThinkBike at that time, for their assistance with the design of our original ThinkBike logo which then went on to be in province wide billboard starting in 2017. We were happy to update our logo which was launched in January 2019 with help from our friend Edwin H. in Calgary to incorporate the thought bubble.

The awareness those two words help us bring to Alberta and beyond has been amazing and we are grateful to have partnered with the original ThinkBike group.

If you would like your very own ThinkBike shirt or sticker see us at any event we are at or take at look at our online store - www.ab-amss.org - you will be supporting motorcycle safety and awareness for all riders in Alberta. All stickers are free in person!


We Are

We noticed a trend in the view on motorcycle riders; because of the actions of a few, the general public doesn't like us as a whole.  Often time riders are painted with the same brush as being a negative being on our streets.  We Are focuses on the human aspect of who is under that helmet.  With the help of ShawTV and countless media personalities in radio and TV throughout the province, we have been able to create a series of compelling PSAs.  The We Are PSAs also include a volunteer group of real people from our community who are concerned about the safety on our roads.

We are in fact every race, religion, gender, age, profession, and more.  We all just want to enjoy riding and make it home to the people who we love and love us.  We all have someone who is depending on us to get home safe.  Do you ride?  Who is your someone that wants you to return safely?  Do you know someone who rides that you hope makes it home?  We hope that whatever reason, we all learn to share the road so ensure we all get home to our families, friends, pets, and more.

To help spread awareness for safety on our roads, please share these messages.  Click here for a direct link to our YouTube Channel.

When it comes to radio support, we are fortunate to have many on air personalities who ride.  All stations agreed to have their rider on air personalities create a personalized awareness message that they will run.  For the stations that do not have an on air personality who rides, they have agreed to air the generic radio version of our PSA that has been voiced by a few very talented professional voices.

Left Turn

Left hand turns is a consistent top three in risks affecting motorcycle riders.  Far to many injuries and fatalities are as a result of left hand turns.  In 2015 alone, this equated to 40% of driver at fault collisions.  Very rarely is this a rider at fault collision.  We wanted to ensure this message was very clear as we are small, therefore not easily seen.

Drivers - take that extra second before you make that left turn to ensure there is no one in your path.  You could save a life.  #ThinkBike

Riders - put yourself in a safe place when approaching intersections and ensure that left turning vehicle sees you.  Be prepared for anything, be defensive.  #ThinkBike

To help spread awareness for safety on our roads, please share these messages.  Click here for a direct link to our YouTube Channel.

Same Commute, Different Risks

Our 2019 addition to our PSA library where we show a split screen of a person who is driving a car and riding a bike.  It demonstrates the safety aspects of using both modes of transportation.  As the PSA continues, it encourages riders to wear proper gear and obey traffic rules as one of the top killers of our community is speeding in urban areas.  We feel that it is equally important to remind our riders of their role in traffic safety as safety starts with each individual road user.

To help spread awareness for safety on our roads, please share these messages.  Click here for a direct link to our YouTube Channel.