Check out some of our fun behind the scenes creating our campaigns and events we have attended!

August 17, 2016 EAGR Bike Night

We partnered with EAGR (Edmonton & Area Group Rides) to hold a fundraiser supporting the kids of the man we lost in the Pigeon Lake, AB accident on July 23, 2016.  Our resident photographer Ronnie Brideau came out to capture some memories of the support from our community.

May 11, 2016 Launch

We descended upon City Hall to officially launch the AMSS and our first campaign!  We are grateful to all who came down to participate including most of our media friends who have gotten involved.  Special thanks to Ronnie Brideau for capturing so many great moments for us from that day!

We Are Campaign

This campaigned focused on the everyday person who rides a motorcycle to serve as a reminder to all on the road that we are someone’s somebody. We understand we have a few that are noisy or ride without care but it is a small minority of our community and we don’t deserve to all be painted with the same brush. Whether we are grandparents, business professionals, triathletes, daughters or more, we and our loved ones would appreciate you looking out for us so we get home in one piece. Special thanks to Ronnie Brideau for these wonderful stills of everyone who came out to the shoot.

Behind the Scenes

Some behind the scenes candid shots taken during the filming of our first safety campaign! Some are from the We Are campaign and some are from the Left Turn campaign. We had an amazing time shooting these commercials and thank everyone who came out to participate. Special thanks to James and Henry from CTEC Motorcycle Training for reenacting the left turn scenario helping us create a compelling piece demonstrating the dangers of this situation.