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The AMSS focuses on safety, education and awareness for all Alberta road users, with a focus on motorcycle riders.  Formed by a few determined riders to make it safer for all to be on the road, we have steadily grown since inception in February 2016.  Recognized on municipal, provincial and even national levels, the AMSS is proud to partner with industry, law enforcement, media, community and decision makers to continually look at ways to improve safety on our roads. We play a role in ensuring our roads are safe for everyone that uses them. 

While AMSS works hard year round to promote the message of safety for both riders and drivers alike, we can’t do it alone.  We know that working together with our community, we can send a more powerful message.

Please considering  buying a membership or corporate membership with the AMSS to allow us to connect, educate and create awareness that drives positive social change for the motorcycle community and Alberta roads users as a whole.

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