About Us

The Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society (AMSS) was formed by a group of concerned motorcyclists interested in improving the safety on our roads.  We are a non-profit society registered in the Province of Alberta, established in February 2016. Through partnering with the motorcycle industry, municipal/provincial government and the media, the AMSS is quickly becoming instrumental in the promotion of motorcycle safety, education and awareness in Alberta.  Our annual campaign focuses on three main criteria:

  • Drivers - educate drivers when motorcycles return to the roads, watch for riders, learn where extra attention is needed, the inherent dangers of distracted driving, etc.
  • Riders - educate riders on their responsibilities to their environment and community by riding responsibly, obeying traffic rules on the road, being respectful, etc.
  • Mechanics & Gear - promoting street legal motorcycles that adhere to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, promoting proper riding gear as a safety measure to all riders including proper and approved helmets, jackets, boots, pants and gloves.

Until 2016, Alberta was the only province in Canada that did not celebrate motorcycle awareness month in May - it was in July.  This meant that there has been no safety, awareness or education for the first two months that the majority of the riders return to the roads.

The City of Edmonton have been championing the Vision Zero concept for zero traffic related fatalities on city streets in conjunction with our initiative starting in 2016.  They often work with AMSS for their motorcycle component.

The Province of Alberta have also stepped up and as of 2017 to start promoting motorcycle safety in May through many incredibly informative "Words to Ride By" vignettes posted and promoted all over social media.  In 2017, the Province of Alberta officially moved Motorcycle Awareness month to May.


In an attempt to be an information hub for all Alberta riders, we are currently building and adding to our Resources.  This page includes podcasts in both audio and video as well as links to important documents about road safety.  We connect with industry experts to debunk myths and provide the most accurate answers to common questions in our community.  We also have some great discussions about tips and tricks to keep yourself safe.  Click here to see more.  If you have a questions that you would answered, contact us!

Our public service announcements (PSA) campaign is twofold; Left Turn focuses on the impact of a vehicle that turns left in the path of a motorcycle while We Are focuses on the human aspect of who is under that helmet.  With the help of ShawTV and countless media personalities in radio and TV throughout the province, we have been able to create a series of compelling PSAs.  The We Are PSAs also include a volunteer group of real people from our community who are concerned about the safety on our roads.

When it comes to radio support, we are fortunate to have many on air personalities who ride.  All stations agreed to have their rider on air personalities create a personalized awareness message that they will run.  For the stations that do not have an on air personality who rides, they have agreed to air the generic radio version of our PSA that has been voiced by a few very talented professional voices.

To help spread awareness for safety on our roads, please share these messages.

Click here for a direct link to our YouTube Channel.

Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors

President/Treasurer - Liane Langlois

Vice President - Marty Forbes

Secretary/Events Coordinator - Debbi Serafinchon

Director, Corporate Relations- Jon Watchuk

Director, Corporate Relations - Mike Schmidt

Director - Doug McFayden

Past Board Members

Director - Terry Bleau

Director - Rob Truscott