About Us

The Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society (AMSS) was formed by a group of concerned motorcyclists interested in improving the safety on our roads.  We are a non-profit society registered in the Province of Alberta, established in February 2016. Through partnering with the motorcycle industry, municipal/provincial government and the media, the AMSS has become instrumental in the promotion of motorcycle safety, education and awareness in Alberta.  Our annual May is Motorcycle Safety Month campaign focuses on three main criteria:

  • Drivers - educate drivers when motorcycles return to the roads, watch for riders, learn where extra attention is needed, the inherent dangers of distracted driving, etc.
  • Riders - educate riders on their responsibilities to their environment and community by riding responsibly, obeying traffic rules on the road, being respectful, etc.
  • Mechanics & Gear - promoting street legal motorcycles that adhere to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, promoting proper riding gear as a safety measure to all riders including proper and approved helmets, jackets, boots, pants and gloves.

Until 2016, Alberta was the only province in Canada that did not celebrate motorcycle awareness month in May - it was in July.  This meant that there has been no safety, awareness or education for the first two months that the majority of the riders return to the roads.  In 2017, the Province of Alberta officially moved Motorcycle Awareness month to May aligning with the AMSS campaign.  During COVID we moved to a virtual campaign kick off event that includes a panel of guests from various parts of Alberta to help us welcome motorcycles back to Alberta Roadways.

In 2020 we launched our Think Bike podcast to bring together local experts and share pertinent and factual information with our community.  We run 26 weekly episodes from mid April to mid October with a variety of topics including gear, maintenance, hard lessons learned, courses, insurance, legal advise and more.  Think Bike can be found wherever you enjoy your podcasts including Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon and many more.

In 2021 we created the first outdoor motorcycle market event in the Edmonton area, loosely based on the hit Two Wheel Sunday in Calgary.  For the Love of Motorcycles is a fundraising event bringing together the community through entrainment, a show & shine, a kids zone and a variety of vendors.  This event runs in late June!  Learn more here!

Please see the links below to see our Society Constitution and Bylaws.  If you wish to become a member, please consider joining.

AMSS Constitution

AMSS Bylaws