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Featuring a simple training video

by: R. Bruce Thomas

Motorcycles are dangerous. Ask anyone. Ask your Mom.

That's how I started the last piece and it seems rather fitting with the subject this time. Some people would think this activity is very dangerous. And it could be, if you just went up and tried it once.

Planning and preparation can eliminate, or reduce, the danger.

Now, I usually wouldn't hold a celebrity up as a motorcycle safety symbol, but in this case I feel I have to.

Which is rather odd as the second movie in this franchise has the star riding a bike that seemingly changes from street to knobby tires while on the move, shifting gears with his right foot, and he is seen revving the throttle with his left hand. Now, I know Triumphs are British, and they ride on the other side of the road than us here in North America, but the throttle is still on the right and the gear shift is on the left!

Anyhow, in mid December, a motorcycle safety training video featuring Tom Cruise was released. No matter what you think of Mr. Cruise and the movies he makes, it's about the best 9 and a half minutes you can spend to improve your riding this off-season.

Cruise states that he has "wanted to do it since I was a little kid".

I would love to ride in Norway too! Not doing this kind of thing, but.....

Here's a link to one version. See if you can pick up all the safety tips -

How many of Tom's safety tips did you catch?

My list:

1.  "Don't be careful, be competent"

2.  "I have to get so good at this that there is just no way that I miss my marks"

3.  "You train and drill every little aspect. Over and over and over and over again"

4.  "Always wear my earplugs"

5.  "The key is .... being consistent"

6.  "...the challenge is .... the amount of preparation"

and one from Miles Daisher, the BASE jumping Coach:

7.  "The only things you really have to avoid ..... are serious injury, or death."

So there you have my Top 7 Motorcycle Safety Tips from Tom Cruise and the Mission Impossible:7 crew.

If you can manage all of those, well, here's one last tip from Tom that should summarize your future riding:

8.  "Oh it's going to be fun"

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