Join Us! An update on how you can get involved!

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As the AMSS grows not only in Edmonton but throughout the province of Alberta, we are going to need help!  Help can come in many fashions.  Awhile ago we posted about how you can get involved and even that has evolved since the beginning of June!  So here are some updated ways to get involved with the AMSS to help succeed for safer roads!

  • Become a member!  That's right!  The long anticipated membership program has been launched for our general public annual membership and our Corporate Memberships with three levels!  Click here for more details!
  • Buy some stuff from our clothing line!  Click here to see the webstore where all proceeds to back to the AMSS to further grow our messaging, purchase more advertising time for our next campaign and take care of the minimal administrative costs that we incur for a registered non-profit.
  • Volunteer!  Subscribe to our Twitter, Facebook or newsletter for any volunteer opportunities that might come up.  A perfect example of that is the upcoming motorcycle shows in both Edmonton and Calgary!  We need help manning the booth and have a limited amount of day passes to get that done!  Please contact us through our website if you are interested in filling in a 3 hour shift!  Please reference your preferred date and time of day and we will do our best to accommodate everyone!
  • Join the Board!  We are currently looking for people with specific skill sets including:
    • Chartered Accountant with experience in filing for non-profit societies
    • Someone with a legal background to provide advice when required
    • Someone with sales experience who has dealt with sponsors and advertising
    • Contact us through our webiste and let us know!
  • Are you an industry expert?  We recently started recording podcasts and videocasts with various industry experts to touch on anything from laws to mechanics to gear and beyond.  Please contact us if you would like to participate and include your topic and a description of how you feel it would make a great podcast for our listeners!
  • Step up for your municipality!  We have appointed our first Regional Director outside of Edmonton in the City of Calgary!  We will be using the Motorcycle Show for an official launch but Gail will be working to get the buzz going before hand!  If you believe in safe motorcycling, safer roads and want to share our message in your municipality, contact us to see if you might be a great fit to our organization!
  • Talk with people about the AMSS and drive them to our website for more information.
  • Share on Social Media, our message, tips, information and more!

There is a level for everyone to get involved!  Mostly we just need to keep driving the message out there as together we can do better on our roads!

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