Christmas Shopping Ideas

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Support those who support motorcycle safety!

Christmas is less than 2 months away and people are likely planning what to buy their loved ones.  We have some suggestions for those 2-wheel loving family members and friends in your life!

First and foremost, a huge thank you to all of our Corporate Members for their support of motorcycle safety and awareness on Alberta roads.  Without you guys, we are missing a key component to everyone coming together.  Not enough thank yous to go around!

Offers from AMSS

We at the AMSS are working hard all year round for our fellow riders and our members.  The support from community helps us continue to grow the message of safety and awareness for all riders in Alberta.  Ways to support include shopping in our online store for some AMSS and ThinkBike swag or maybe pick up a Medical Data Carrier which makes a great stocking stuffer and give you piece of mind that there is a safety measure in place for your loved one in case of an emergency.  Click here to see what is available.

AMSS Clothing Sale 
Act now on our online store and get a wicked deal on the original, now vintage AMSS branded wearables!  Mens and ladies t-shirts were $25 and now $15.  Long sleeves were $35 and now $25.  Pullover hoodies were $50 and now just $35!  All pricing does not include shipping & handling, nor does it apply to the ThinkBike line.  Limited quantities left so if the price comes up zero, it is because we are out of that size!

Another option is to purchase your loved one a membership to AMSS.  A membership comes with some perks such as:

Memberships are available through our website, but if buying for a loved one, please reach out to us at

Parts, Apparel & Accessories

What rider out there doesn’t want a little help with purchasing new parts, apparel and accessories?  There is so much out there from head to toe in gear, maybe the latest gadget someone keeps talking about or even a gift card so they can pick out exactly what they need.  Our go to places include:

Training Options

We work closely with a few people who offer motorcycle specific training!  Maybe you know someone who wants to get in to riding, a beginner course would be super helpful!  Or maybe someone who has talked about brushing up on some skills, a refresher or advanced training might fit.  Or maybe even someone who has said they wished there was a motorcycle specific first aid course!  Well we have some options there too!  Consider some of the following:

For rider training all these guys offer a wide array of course for all types:

For motorcycle specific first aid training:

Mechanical Services

Sometimes riders are in need of mechanical help.  Maybe check out a couple of these options and see if you can put some money towards a service for your loved one to help keep them mechanically safe!

Insurance/Injury Needs

Insurance is a requirement for motorcycles and some of these companies support AMSS’s mission for safer roads.  If you are looking for insurance needs, please consider:

If ever you have an incident that requires some legal advice, please consider Grover Law, Alberta’s own motorcycle injury lawyer.

While some of these ideas are great for under the tree or stocking stuffers, others are ones that you should consider treating yourself to.  Either way, all we hope for is support for those who support safer Alberta roads and for all to:

#RideSmart, #RideSafe, and #ThinkBike!

Happy shopping!

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