Camaraderie on Two Wheels

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Our big diverse Moto-Fam

By: Debbi Serafinchon

Sport bikes, cruisers, off-road, dual sport, choppers, adventure touring, dirt bikes, enduro bikes, motocross, spyder, trike, and yes, even the scooters.

Regardless of what you choose to ride, we are a unified body of individuals all sharing a common interest that is scattered throughout a larger society and is precisely what I envision when I think of my fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. We are a community of riders sharing a passion we all love to partake in.

Each time we gear up and head out for a ride, we are aware of the thrill we are in for when out on the road. Whatever the season whether it be in the autumn, as the leaves start to hit the ground and the air grows crisper, as the snow piles up outside, in the spring as we watch the days grow longer, or as we suit up all summer long, we can’t help but dream of that escape and the adventure we hear whispering to us like a delicious secret.

Regardless of our personal reasons, motorcycling is an outlet for many of us and one that even though we are part of a growing community, the riding itself is uniquely individual. This is evident in the numerous types and styles of bikes, groups, and experiences we enjoy. Many riders enjoy a core group of people they can entice away from yard work or other chores just to hit the highway and enjoy. Often these unique groups of folks are from all different backgrounds, with differing lifestyles, in a variety of jobs, all riding various motorcycles with one thing in common---the love of riding.

This is camaraderie.

That love of riding is why the Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society (AMSS) supports the entire community of riders across Alberta and is why we carry this camaraderie into our work with the motorcycle industry, the municipal/provincial government, the media, and our community advocating for safe riding and driving practices.  Like any group that shares

a passion, we celebrate and welcome new folks to the motorcycling community when one passes the exam. Our hearts break when there is a fatality within our community. We are proud of the numerous charities and social initiative that many of our moto family start or partake in.

May 5th marks the fourth time AMSS announces May as motorcycle awareness month in Alberta. This is also the kickoff to a busy summer as we get ready to spread our campaigns to all provincial riders and drivers. As volunteers on the AMSS board, we work hard to promote education, motorcycle safety, and awareness in Alberta and welcome the opportunity to deliver our safety message at community events and encourage groups to contact us at to see if we are available.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the May 5th launch and encourage you all to watch for us at events, wave to us on the road, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and consider becoming a member!

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