Click here to watch the 2020 5th Annual Motorcycle Safety Campaign Launch.

We have updated some information below as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves and reopening phases are underway.

Quick Tips

  • continue to exercise caution and responsibility when riding
  • roads are full of gravel, potholes with maintenance slowly happening
  • wear all your gear, all the time
  • be a little more diligent on the roads - just because there is less traffic doesn't mean you get to ride irresponsibly - you don't want to be a statistic
  • take the precautions you need to keep safe from COVID-19 anywhere you may need to stop including space between you and your friends when off bikes

Riding with a Passenger

For those riding solo, you can ride with friends but asked to keep your groups under 5 bikes and that when stopped and off your bikes, you observe the 2 meter distance.  It has always been a safety recommendation to keep group riding to 5-6 bikes to help with motorcycle safety.  Off bike gatherings are now limited to 100 people still observing physical distancing.

However, if you are planning to take a person for a ride on your bike and they do not live at the same address as you, much like in your car, the following message comes straight from the police legal team.  Please keep in mind that the police did not issue the health order, they are however asked to enforce the health order.

"If they are within 2m of each other in public or private (which would be the case riding a motorcycle together) and they aren’t from the same household they are in breach of a CMOH order and could be charged under the public health act. They could be given a part 3 ticket with a voluntary payment option of $1200 ($1000 fine + $200 victim fine surcharge) or given a part 2 ticket or sworn information either of which has a max fine of $100k for a first offence and $500k for any subsequent offence.
We still have discretion to assess the full circumstances and have an unofficial guide to not charge people who are commuting to work together but that isn’t technically an exception to the official order.
The best plan to avoid tickets is to ride solo or only with household members.”

Rider Training

Our partnered riding schools are back up and running.  We appreciation their professionalism in the decision they made to suspend training until they could do so safely.  If you are looking for training, check out any of our partnered schools including Alberta Safety Council, TNT Motorcycling, Too Cool Motorcycle School, or Motology.   Please reach out to them directly for more information.

Road Testing

Class 6 road testing will reopen effective June 30, 2020.  Please expect the site to be really busy and exercise patience when trying to get in.  A lot of people are waiting for this service.  Click here for more information.