Request for Support

We thank you for taking a moment to read this important message.

We are so proud to have this ongoing relationship with the office of the Minister of Transportation with funding assistance for the past several years.  As you may recall, last year we had some concerns when we were told we were not getting funding but with your help, minds were changed and funding was reinstated.  While we haven't yet been advised of the status of our funding for this year, we have concerns about the delay in the response to our ask.

We are coming back to you all to request support to be sure we maintain our funding going forward.

We have been making progress with new Corporate Members and new partnerships however we still feel the Province of Alberta should be an active participant in helping to protect our most vulnerable road users.  AMSS is the only organization with pure motorcycle safety and awareness messaging in Alberta, and not just in May, we do this all year round as a 100% voluntary non-profit organization.  If we are unable to continue, that will be a big loss for our community.

The economic impact of the motorcycle industry alone is worth the Province of Alberta investing in our program.  According to the recent report released by Moto Canada, we are talking about an economic output of $2.8 billion dollars, employing 13,860 people with a total GDP of $1.5 billion dollars.  The tax revenue alone is $394 million with tourism spending at about $1.3 billion.  We simply ask for a small portion of that to help us continue what we do.  (Source Moto Canada, click here to review)

For transparency sake, we have received $25,000 from the Government of Alberta each year for the past 7 years.  That's it, just $25,000 a year.  With that, along with our current corporate members and general member dues, we are able to:

  • run a kick off event to announce May is Motorcycle Awareness month - a live production in-studio at Production World
  • run an annual motorcycle awareness campaign from mid April to at least mid June and sometimes longer that includes public service announcements for radio, TV, and digital marketing that hits all four corners of our province
  • produce video public service announcements for TV and to share all over social media
  • pay to boost posts that are important to ensure messaging is hitting all Albertan road users from 2 wheels to 18 wheels
  • record and produce the weekly Think Bike podcast that runs from mid April to mid October with credible guests to give the best educational information on motorcycle related topics
  • attend several community events throughout the year educating all types of road users from 2 wheels to 18 wheels

All of the above, should the Government of Alberta do on its own, would cost significantly more than $25,000 each year.  The return on investment is huge in supporting the AMSS, especially as motorcycle related traffic safety messaging is non-existent from the government themselves.

We are the only active group in Alberta doing what we do.  With our funding assistance at risk by the Government of Alberta we risk having to cease operations possibly as early as 2025.  It is important to note that not one single member of the board of directors at AMSS are paid in any fashion.  We all donate 100% of our time to this cause so there is a representation of motorcycle safety and awareness in our province.

Are you willing to lose the only motorcycle safety and awareness advocacy group in Alberta, one who is working hard to lower motorcycle related injury and fatality statistics?  We aren't either.

What can you do to help?  These are a few ways you can make a difference:

  • Tell the Minister of Transportation your thoughts on this oversight.  Send a politely worded email to Honourable Devin Dreeshen,  Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors at  This could help us immensely to be sure we can move forward.
  • Become a member of the AMSS as a General or Corporate member - click here for more information
  • Donate to the AMSS - please note that although we are a registered non-profit in the Province of Alberta, we are not a charity and cannot issue a charitable tax receipt.  Email us at to learn how.

Please consider one or all three of the options above.  But above all, we hope that you take a quick a quick moment to tell the Minister of Transportation and even your elected representative that you want the AMSS to continue and trust us to continue the work that we are doing.

Thank you all for your support and consideration.

Liane Langlois, President

On behalf of the AMSS Board of Directors and its membership