Our Board – Mike


Mike Schmidt came on board with AMSS because he believes if we can help one rider be safer or one driver become more aware of motorcycles, he feels all our work will be worth it. Mike understands what riding can offer someone and wants others to feel safe enjoying what he views as food for the soul. When he heads out of his driveway with no destination in sight, he knows that by the time he heads back, he will have time to be alone with his thoughts.

Mike started his love of two wheels when he was only 12 on dirt bikes and moved up to a street bike when he was 17. He currently rides a 2015 Victory Magnum but has fond memories of his very first bike, a 1985 Kawasaki KX250. We all have memories of a ride we will never forget and Mike remembers when a group headed from BC on a ten-day road trip down the US coast and back home.

Mike helps out with a bunch of background stuff that no one ever sees!  He is a huge help to keep things moving forward.