Our Board – Marty, Vice President


Marty Forbes has been riding for a number of years and joined forces with Liane to get the AMSS off the ground because he believes that safety and training can save your life if you ride. For Marty the magic of the ride is the sheer enjoyment of two-wheel freedom, but it needs to be done smartly and safely.

Marty has had the opportunity to ride a few different bikes over his 50 years of riding, but his favorite is the 2018 Honda Gold Wing. He sees himself putting on a number of kms over the next few years through the beautiful mountains and west coast. To date, his most memorable trip was on an Edelweiss Motorcycle tour through Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria. He spent seven days riding through the Black Forest and the Alps, at times on an eight-foot path with no guardrails and a view that cannot be described.

Marty handles a lot of the coordination with our media partners.  If you are in media and would like to get more involved, please email info@ab-amss.org.