Class 6 Licensing Concerns

Dear Motorcycle Enthusiast,

Think back to the excitement you felt when you obtained your Class 6 license! As you may be aware currently new riders face significant challenges in joining us on the road and we are looking to the Government of Alberta to help us solve.


  • There are too few evaluators in Alberta, in too few locations throughout the Province, resulting in extensive wait times in scheduling road tests.

The Issues:

  • Time it takes to book a Class 6 exam.
    • Currently, there is a one-year window from the time the written portion of a Class 6 test is passed to when a road test can be booked. This means many will have to rewrite the test because their permit has expired.
    • Getting to the test site is a concern as well. Because they do not have a valid license, they must travel with someone that does have a valid license. We are witnessing an increasingly high number of people requesting complete strangers to accompany them to and from exam sites.
  • Too few locations to book exams.
    • Inexperienced riders often have to travel long distances in order to be evaluated. This is not safe practice for any motorists on the road
    • Testing times only occur during M-F business hours (9-5) resulting in lost wages
  • Challenges with Evaluators
    • There are not enough Evaluators in Alberta.
    • Evaluators have to travel between Registries resulting in delays and less appointment times available
    • The knowledge and skillset of Evaluators is not consistent.
    • Evaluators have to travel to areas they are unfamiliar with for testing
    • May only be riders in License alone (they themselves do not ride consistently)

We understand that the Alberta Government is currently looking into solutions to help rectify the situation, but a review of the driver exams system will take time and our season is short. We are advocating for changes that may take affect sooner than a full review would

Potential Solutions:

  1. More opportunities to book an exam are needed in each community.
  2. An increase in the number of motorcycle evaluators is needed.
  3. Authorize motorcycle safety schools to have evaluators be able to travel to their location as the starting point for testing would alleviate the need for inexperienced drivers to drive great distances thus increasing safety. This also means riders may be able to borrow a bike from the school, not only relieving the financial pressure of renting a bike but also providing peace of mind of using a bike they are familiar and comfortable with.

We are asking that these issues be addressed and rectified immediately to keep all those on the road safe. The Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society is more than willing to sit down with the Ministry of Transportation to work out an acceptable solution to ensuring traffic safety for motorcyclists.

We hope you will join us.  Please read the following and if you are so inclined, join us in reaching out to the Minister of Transportation, Ric McIver. (Please use this template to help - Letter to Minister McIver Re Class 6 Licensesing)



The Board of the Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society